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Arts and Crafts

Page history last edited by Alex Finnegan 10 years, 5 months ago

36 Lime Street

Mushroom Works

Biscuit Factory

Brick Works

Art Works


Pottery and Glass


The names of Local workshops for Cultural practioners do seem to reflect the areas industrial past, Alex


Subject Areas


Theatre and Cinema

Pensions for Artists


Craft Market info

Lucy Farfort i'm a freelance illustrator & designer maker and she has complied a list of Craft Markets around Newcastle.


To all artists in Gateshead, Newcastle and the North East,


Do you sometimes feel like running to the hills?

I know I do, well the Revd Jim Craig, Community Arts Chaplain in Bensham and Gateshead, is organising another one of his great artists retreats, if you missed the first on here is another chance to treat yourself to a bit of "me time"


North East Artists Retreat

Click on the above link to find out more



Revd Jim Craig

Community Arts Chaplain in Bensham and Gateshead St Columba House Peterborough Close Gateshead NE8 1NL rev.jim@btopenworld.com 



Gateshead Listings for teachers



Images courtesy of http://www.monkchester.co.uk/index.htm



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