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Page history last edited by Alex Finnegan 11 years, 9 months ago

The Cycle Hub


I was down at the boat club at the mouth of the Ouseburn today and I popped into the Cycle Hub in the old Ouseburn Regeneration centre.


There was a steady stream of cyclists going past, so it seems like a well placed business.


Cycle Path Maps


Yesterday I decided to cycle from the Ouseburn to Station Road, North of Wallsend, rather than taking the car.


So I thought to check the net for local cycle maps and the resulting route I took was very peaceful and thankfully quite flat.


Cycling is much more sociable than driving, I bumped into some friends along the way, i must buy a bell.


"The wind was in my face the whole way there -I hope it has changed direction before I go back!"


Here are those lovely cycling links, courtesy of the Local Transport Plan website, the images are large and should really be in PDFs for ease of downloading & printing as it is not very easy to read the street names off the screen.





Recyke y' bike is a community project that accepts donated bikes from members of the public and recycles them for use by priority groups of people, such as the long-term unemployed, those who have been homeless, and those with mental health problems.



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